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THE town


When it's time to unwind, kick back and relax at one of the local beach bars or restaurants while taking in the stunning ocean views. Unlike some of the more touristy destinations in the region, Cambutal is a laid-back and friendly community where locals and visitors alike are welcomed with open arms. You'll feel right at home in this tropical paradise, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.


Come and discover the magic of Cambutal for yourself and experience an unforgettable vacation in Panama.

Image by Tim Marshall



In Cambutal, you will find 12 km of untouched beach stretching out before you, some of the best waves in the world for surfing, and an abundance of marine life to discover.


Depending on the time of the season, you can experience the natural wonder of baby turtles hatching to the thrill of sighting the majestic humpback whales or playfull dolphins up close.


La Brisa offers an unforgettable experience. Come stay with us and create memories to last a lifetime.

Image by Alexa Soh

THE jungle


Cambutal is a special kind of paradise, where the ocean meets the jungle. Reconnect with nature with jungle trails, waterfalls and wildlife around every corner,


Here, you can explore the trails, swim in the waterfalls, listen to the birds, marvel at the wild-life, and be amazed by the howling monkeys and macaws.


We offer unique amenities to make your stay a truly special one. La Brisa is the perfect place for you to discover the beauty of nature and recharge your batteries.

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